10 Animals You Will See When You Visit Nairobi Safari Walk

If you are a freelancer who live and work in Nairobi, going out for a nature walk at Nairobi Safari walk is worth your time. Here are 10 Animals you will see when you visit Nairobi Safari Walk.


Entry fee is only Ksh.200 payable by card or Mpesa. No cash is accepted.

Nairobi safari Walk is located along Langata road at Nairobi National Park.

1. Baboon

2. Waterbuck Antelope

3. Maasai Giraffe

Masai Giraffe
Masai Giraffe

4. Domestic Water Buffalo’s (Carabao)

Domestic Water Buffalo
Domestic Water Buffalo

5. East African Oryx

6. Rhinoceros

7. Monkey


8. leopard Tortoise

9. Colombus Monkey

10. Masai Ostrich

11. Bees (Bonus)

You don’t have to wait for you friends to get ready so that you can visit the park, you can go there alone and spend so few hours to connect with nature. It feels refreshing I tell you! Whoever said nature heals was right.

I hope this photo story was helpful to you.

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