3 Steps to Creating a High Selling Course

It’s no doubt, online courses are on high demand at moment. But the fact is still remains, 80% of the total income generated from online courses are earned by top 20% percent course creators.

It thus means that the bottom 20% are either barely selling anything or selling  a few courses not enough to sustain their marketing campaigns online. So, does this mean top earners content are special than the rest of the creators? or is it that they understand their customers well than the rest? the later may true.

But there is much more to it than it sounds. Sadly, some powerful courses are gathering dust online because of poor planning and mediocre presentation. Here are  top three things you should have in mind when creating your first online course.

Always, have in mind the end from the time when you start. Put yourself in the shoe of your student.

Sound Quality

This is very important. It involves YOU and the EQUIPMENT that you are are using to record your voice. Before using a cheap microphone, ask yourself, How much do I want to earn from this course? Be honest with answer that you give to yourself. If you want to earn $100k a year, you will not mind investing in a $100+ studio quality microphone or lapel microphone. It will tell your students that you not only value them, but you value the content that you are sharing with them.

Video of your face introducing the course on each module

This can be in form of talking head or you speaking and writing on whiteboard instead of powerpoint presentation. You may splice the two to break the monotony. This is very important. It’s builds a personal connection with the student watching the video. It’s also the best way to become an authority in a set field. Besides, with this type of presentation, no one can plagiarize your work because if they do, they will be marketing you.


-Now, don’t ever underestimate the power of branding your videos with a link to your website. Any person who takes your course and shares it with friends on social media, can connect you with with several other prospective students who might be interested in taking your course. Let’s say they share a video overview of your course. Someone who wants to know more about you will first visit your website (which they found on the video screen) and review more of your work. Branding also, makes your course value rise high.

Personal Experience

This is a bonus point. Teach something that you have tried yourself and got tangible results from it. In the first chapters of your course creation, it’s critical that you tell your own personal story that led you to achieve great results in the field you are teaching. Then continue to highlight what they expect from the course, and your availability to respond to their questions online. You can offer to have a free Skype call to answer all their  Q and A once a week. You should own your course. This way, you will not only earn more, but you will in turn be doing something you enjoy doing most.

If you consider these four things when working on your course, you will find it easy to market your course with confidence. Your friends will also be proud to recommend your work.

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