3 Things To Do In 2023 That Can Potentially Change Your Life

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Technology and innovations presents to us unlimited potential to success. The big question is, what is holding you back from success?

Have you ever sat down for a minute and wondered what’s preventing you from succeeding in life despite having access to everything that you need in order to succeed? If you haven’t, it’s high time you do it now.

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Good news is that success is within your reach. Before you give it a try again in 2023, maybe you need to fix one of these 3 things.

Pay Back All Debts

2022 was not easy economywide. For instance, there was long electioneering period in Kenya which led to high cost of living and inflation.

At some point nearly everyone found him/herself borrowing money. From friends and family, bank, mobile money, digital apps and more. In no time, we all found ourselves accumulating a lot of debts which became hard to pay back on time.

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when debt collectors come knocking at your door and you don’t have money to pay them back, one feels so embarrassed. As a result some people end up not to paying back their debts despite the humiliation.

That should NEVER be the case. Always note down all your debts and pay back even if it takes you ages to raise the money.

Don’t rely on the fact that people will forget. Some may be silent but they recall that you owe them. Make a point of paying them back when you have the money.

If it’s money you borrowed from the digital apps, pay them back. Negotiate with them so that they can stop charging you interest once the loan you borrowed has matured.

My point here is, if you owe anyone money, prioritize paying them back in 2023.

 If you are in debt, you should live on 70% of what you earn. Save 10% for yourself and use the remaining 20% to repay your debts. You should set this aside before you spend any other money. 

From the Book The Richest man in Babylon

Save Money As a Way of LOVING Thyself

After working hard in whatever you do, you get paid. Aside eating out and partying with friends as way of treating yourself, do you save? If yes, why do you save?. Reasons for saving money vary from person to person. In this day and age it is becoming harder and harder to save a portion of what you earn.

Saving for the purpose of acquiring material possessions is very common. When you acquire them then what?? Attaching LOVE around the material possessions you intend to acquire with your savings makes the saving process more worthy.

If you save as an expression of self love, your attitude will stand out in time as your savings accumulate. You thoughts will be aligned to more ways of loving thyself.

When you are the best of yourself, you will be the best for others. Whoever is around you will feel the good energy.

Start A Website/Blog For Fun

We all have something we love doing as a hobby or just for fun. Have you ever thought of starting a website or blog where you have control and can freely share with world? 2023 is the year to start that. Stop procrastinating and put money aside to start it.

If you are not good at writing, hire a writer or utilize AI Technologies like chatGPT to write content for your website landing page.
Everything starts with the first step.

Have in mind that a website/blog with your own domain name on WordPress will cost you $97/year. This is a reasonable amount considering it is a long term investment on yourself.

Be patient with yourself as you start. Learn through the process and in no time, you will be an authority.


Sometimes, simple things in life holds us back from achieving our dreams. Don’t procrastinate; take that first step today. That’s the only way you will know if it is going to work or not. When you have control of your finances, you have control of your current and future life.

And these are the 3 things that I suggest you do in 2023 that will potentially change and shape your future.

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And until next time, bye bye and take care.

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