5 Short Term Contract Offers In Technical Video Production

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If you are hired as a producer or your business is contracted to offer Technical video production services, you can create several short term contracts to other freelancers in the creative industry.

For instance, if the contract is to plan and produce a webinar or a live stream, a lot may be required from a Technical Video Producer or The Project Manager. This means that you will not be working alone. You will need a team of other technical professionals to work with you like a director, sound engineer e.t.c.

Video – Short Term Contracts You Can Create As A Video Producer

Here are some of the professionals you will need in your team to provide technical video services.

#1 Audio Engineer

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Sound is a critical component in an online production especially live events. If the sound is not audible, then the event/webinar will not be in anyway effective. While in most occasions sound issues may be arising from the participants computer or gadget, the worst case will be the participants not hearing the speakers voice at all.

That’s why sound engineer plays a big role here.

#2 Director

The Director monitors the speakers/participants during a livestream and switches between different screens as each one of them speaks. The responsibility of the director will vary based on the kind of livestream being broadcasted live. For instance, if it’s an live event and there are 3 cameras, the director will be the one calling shorts as needed from the camera persons.

It’s important to have many directors for big events.

#3 Live Support

During a live event, or premiere, there is a need for someone to provide real time feedback to questions or concerns being raised by participants. Among these could be problems with sound, or video e.t.c.

Also, live support is needed for events that are translated to other languages based on those attending.

#4 Video Producer/Editor

A video producers or editor in this context task is to record the livestream and save it offline. The recorded stream can later be edited and shared on various platforms in bits.

The video producer also oversees the overall production and guides the director on other post-production needs. The producer is involved with the management of the project at hand.

#5 Script Writing

In rare occasions, scripting is needed. Most of the content in the videos that are streamed online are prepared by the presenter. This means that the have all the information, the only thing they need is technical services.

You many need other guys to help depending on the how big the event will be and the budget your client is offering.


Technical video production is a broad subject in the online sphere. It is therefore important to have knowledge and understanding on how to carry out the assignment.

And that is it.

I hope you found this blogpost helpful, scroll down and share your feedback. I will be happy to read.

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