About Cheptiony Mutai


I’m Cheptiony

A freelance Video Producer and an Entrepreneur based in Nairobi Kenya. I work with companies and brands of every size to establish, expand, and improve their online footprint through video content.

In the year 2018, I launched this blogsite in order to share tips and expert advise on freelance, tech and business.

I am a Video Producer and a copywriter by passion and profession. I hold a Diploma in Broadcast Journalism from the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication.

From the time I graduated from college, I had started my journey as an entrepreneur and freelancer. Taking this path has not been easy for me. I have failed several times and I am still on.

To give you an idea of what I mean by ‘failing many times’, here are 3 among the many projects that I started and failed.

Junior Green Generation Initiative – An initiative to mentor young kids of 5-12 years on important on environmental conservation. Here is a link to a documentary of one of the events.

My first company Chapchap Entertainment Media Africa later changed to Trendline Network Limited failed and was fully dissolved in 2020.

Pichapp – Photo Prints Ordering app. Still on playstore link here. Its no longer working.

Despite failing many times, I have succeeded in holding on to Techtube Video Studio. This is a video production business that I started 8 years ago with a vision of simplifying the process of producing videos by scripting.

My experience is drawn from Freelancing and doing business online for more than 10 years. That is what I share on this blog. I have come to learn that freelancing and entrepreneurship share one thing in common- you go out looking for clients.