3 Ways To Reinforce Your Creativity During Difficult Times

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People in the creative economy depend on their original ideas and knowledge to thrive. During hard economic times, one can easily get discouraged from continuing to do what they love. If you enjoy doing what you do, then you have no reason to give up.

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5 Important Things That Clients Look At In A Video Production Consultancy Proposal

Preparing a video production Consultancy Proposal

The requirements needed in order to submit a video production consultancy proposal varies. Some requests for Proposals (RFP) are simple and straight forward while others are detailed and a bit complicated.
Irrespective of the demands that the client is requiring; one thing remains, the client wants a video in a certain format delivered to them. E.g Documentary.

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Examples of Technical Video Production Services You Can Provide Online

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There is a growing demand for technical video production services online. Both small and big organizations are now seeing the value of Technical Video Production Services and are seeking services of experienced contractors.

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4 Ways To Identify a Good Online Business Idea with Traction

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While most people already know the kind of business they want to run online, many entrepreneurs don’t know which lucrative market niche to venture into. There are many ways to decide on this. Here are some ideas on how you can find a niche online.

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6 Step Guide To Setting Up Your Terms As An Online Business Owner or A Freelancer

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‘Having Clear Terms’ is the means to success online as a video producer. Experience has thought me that if you don’t have well defined terms, the probability of you succeeding as a video producer online is very slim.

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