Discover How You Can Choose a Powerful Domain Name for Your New Beauty Brand

Discover How You Can Choose a Powerful Domain Name for Your New Beauty Brand

The business world has become so closely interconnected with the internet, and time continues to bridge the once-distant online and offline worlds. And given that most customers now have access to the internet and do most, if not all, of their business online, it only makes sense for companies to move their products into the online space.

So if you want your new beauty company to succeed, you must have a solid strategy for developing a strong internet presence. And the quickest way to build a reliable online presence for your beauty company is to choose a strong domain name to represent it. 

Not every domain is the best choice for your business, and a lengthy domain name with useless numbers and symbols just won’t cut it. Instead, prioritize a short, brandable, and unique domain name that will increase your website’s accessibility and stick in customers’ minds.

Whether you choose to find the best domain name via brainstorming or running a naming contest, we’ve put together some helpful advice that’d show you how to get it right. 

Let’s get started.

Here’s How You Can Choose the Best Fitting Domain Name in Three Simple Steps

1. Verify That it can be Branded

The best premium domain names for your new beauty business are ones that can be branded. Premium domains are EMDs (Exact-Match Domains) that correctly represent your company in the same way that the brand name it was derived from would.

Usually, they are a perfect fit for the companies they represent. Therefore, the best way to raise your domain’s value and impact in the online world is by using a brandable domain name derived from your company name.

This means that getting great fashion brand name ideas would also facilitate the process of getting an exact match premium domain name for your business.

Additionally, they serve as a strong foundation for internet branding projects like advertising campaigns and newsletters while making it possible for clients to locate your beauty business online just by hearing its name.

2. Make Sure it’s Brief and Engaging

Choosing a domain name that is clear, short, and memorable should be your next top priority. These features are crucial because they make premium web addresses simple to learn, identify, recall, refer to, and search online without making mistakes.

Short domain names, between three and five characters long, are typically the hardest to get because the majority of these terms are already in use and have already been trademarked. Occasionally, although at high costs, you may discover them for sale on domain marketplaces.

If the premium domain equivalent of your business name is too long, then consider abbreviating it to make it short and appealing, as BMW and MAC did

3. Make Sure That the TLD (Top-Level Domain) Extension is Present.

The operational number of new domain extensions has grown to over 1500 in recent years, a 145% rise, according to estimates from the Domain Name Association. This indicates that there are several domain extension options available; however, not all apply to premium domains.

When deciding which extension would go best with your domain name, familiarity should be your top priority. Since visitors frequently assume that your website ends in ‘.com,’ ‘.net,’ or ‘.org,’ unless you specifically state otherwise, they will most likely visit domain names with one of these endings.

And despite the rise of other domain extensions, these most widely utilized top-level domain extensions, such as ‘.com,’ ‘.org,’ and ‘.net,’ are the most popular, thus adding strength to any domain they accompany. And they don’t add an extra burden to the memory of your customers.

But you don’t necessarily need to utilize the extensions mentioned above alone. You can still use growing TLD extensions like ‘.io’ and ‘.co,’ as well as country-code TLDs like ‘.us,’ ‘.uk,’ etc., if you are unable to get a hold on a  ‘.com’ domain.

You Have To Move Quickly

Although selecting a domain name that matches your beauty business may seem difficult, we’re confident that our advice has made the process much simpler. Get your premium domain name as soon as you can to take advantage of all its perks and avoid someone else acquiring it first.

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