How To Link Domain E-mail Address to Your Phone

Link email to phone via cpanel

In this tutorial you are going to learn How To Link a domain e-mail address to your phone via C-panel .

If you are here, it means you are struggling to connect a custom e-mail you created associated with a website domain address. That is what I am going to show you how to.

Video – How To Link Domain E-mail Address to Your Phone

To get started, first, login to your website hosting c-panel and click on e-mails accounts.

On your cPanel click on e-mail accounts.

Under e-mail accounts to the far right, click on connect to device.

Select connect devices.

Here is where you will find the information you need to connect to your phone under mail client manual settings.

Mail Client Manual Settings.

Have in handy your login password ready for the next steps on your phone. On your android phone, open gmail.

Open Gmail on your phone.

If you are on a different interface, open the e-mail app. Click on the gmail profile icon on your top left to open this drop-down menu here.

Tap on the profile icon on your Gmail account.

Tap on add another account.

Tap on add another account.

On the new screen select other.

Select other.

On the next screen type in the -mail address and click on next.

Enter your email address.

Select personal (IMAP) and enter your e-mail password then tap on next.

select personal IMAP

On the server incoming settings, go back to the cPanel window and locate the settings. Enter here.

On the server outgoing settings, enter the SMTP server settings found on the cPanel here again. Normally the URL for this is similar. Tap on next.

Choose sync frequency and tab on next. Your account will be fully setup once this process is done unless you have entered the wrong password.

Account options

Enter your name on the last screen and tap on next. Your account is setup and ready to sync.

Enter your name

You can read and reply to any e-mail you receive on your phone.

And that is it, you have successfully linked your custom e-mail associated with your domain to your phone via the website host c-panel.

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And that’s it.
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