How To Take Screenshots Inside Microsoft Word And Annotate On Them

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When using Microsoft word to write step by step guides for software’s and applications, its important to know how to take and annotate on screenshots.

In this tutorial guide, I will share with you how to take and annotate on screenshots inside Microsoft word.

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How To Take screenshots

Open Microsoft word. Click insert on the top menu.

Click on screenshot icon and select screen clipping.

Take screenshots Inside Microsoft Word
Taking screenshots Inside Microsoft Word

Microsoft word will minimize and your mouse arrow cursor will change to a plus. Left click, hold and drag to select the section you want to screenshot. Once selected, release the mouse button. Your screenshot will be automatically taken and inserted into Microsoft word.

Screenshot Look Inside Microsoft Word

How to Annotate On The Screenshot

It’s possible to annotate on a screenshot inside Microsoft word. You can highlight and add text description to some parts of the screenshot you have taken based on the tutorial you are working on. For example, you may add a box to highlight a menu item for an app, an arrow to point on the box you have highlighted, and some texts to describe the menu item.

To do this, click on insert and select shapes. Choose rectangle shape. Click and drag to select the section you want to highlight on the screenshot.

Add rectangle shape to a screenshot on microsoft word
Annotating on a screenshot with rectangle shape on Microsoft word

Click on shape fill, select none. Click on shape outline and choose a color of your choice.

Add highlight on a screenshot on Microsoft Word

Go back to insert then click on shapes and select line arrow. Click and drag to point on the box or any other place on the screenshot. Choose shape color and weight under shape outline.

Add Line Arrow on Microsoft word
Add line arrow on Microsoft word

Next, select text box under shapes. Enter a short description of the menu item you have highlighted by typing into the text box.

Screenshot annotated on Microsoft word

You can reposition the shapes to any section of the screenshot as you want.

And that is it.

It’s that easy.

You are not limited on the annotations you can make so long as they make sense to your audience. Be open and try out different shapes.

How do you take screenshots for use in tutorial guides on Microsoft word?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Until next time, bye bye and take care.

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