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3 Platforms Every Freelancer Should Invest in For a Long Term

It will matter a lot where or the platform you use to share your feelings/advice. Before you start sharing, here are questions you should ask yourself;
Is what I am sharing truly helpful to the person reading it?
Is social media a good platform to share the information?
What do I expect to gain from it? is it fame, appreciation e.t.c

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3 Security Measures You Should Implement To Protect Your E-mails and Blog

A lot has changed when it comes to online security in the world of business and freelancing since covid-19 pandemic hit. In a report by National Technology Security Coalition, Over 770 million email addresses and 21 million unique passwords were exposed in a popular hacking forum after hosted in the cloud service MEGA in 2019. It became the single largest collection of breached personal credentials in history.

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Top 10 Things That You Can Do On KRA iTax Portal That Many Don’t Know

There are many things that you can do on Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) iTax portal that will save you time and money which you could have spent visiting KRA offices for assistance. Being a regular user of the iTax portal, I must applaud the team at KRA for making all their online services user friendly.

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