5 Ways to Positively Deal With Irritating, Slow & Unresponsive Clients

If you are an organized freelancer, you know how disappointing a client who is slow to respond can be. They share their feedback after a very looooonnnng.. time. If you are a video producer, you will be tempted to think that they are experimenting with the video you produced for them first, before providing you with their feedback.

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Others will provide their feedback 3 weeks later and expect you to act on them ASAP. Such client behaviors will mess up with your priorities as you will need to shift your attention to their request first.

And after you submit the corrections, the same client will go silent again and weeks later, they will respond with more request for changes. Honestly, such conduct is unfair.

Over time, I have dealt with such clients and here are five ways to manage it without loosing your motivation.

Set Working Rules 

Base the rules on your experience overtime. Rules will vary based on the job that you do. Apply them based on the conditions that your client sets. For example, you will not use the rule of delay when the client has clearly stated that they want their work completed within a set period of time. Unless, they surpass the deadline without any reason, you can then use them.

Introduce Penalty Cost 

Your penalty has to be reasonable. Something that your client is happy to accept. For example, I usually charge extra $50 if the client provides his/her feedback later than 7 days. This is unless the client explains in advance that there will be a delay in feedback. Client knowing that there is a penalty will speed up his/her review process.

Ask them to Commit by Putting Full Amount on Escrow 

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This works only after the client is happy with the first video review and wants some minor changes. Also, the period it takes the client to provide their first feedback review is a good indicator. Most freelancing sites automatically releases payment within 7-14 days. At the end, even if they take 30 days to respond, you will have the full payment with you.

Contact Support 

Only do this if your efforts are futile. The support team will message them and advise them to contact you. In most occasions, it works.

Be Open With Them 

Some clients do not delay intentionally. They may be dealing with a big team and thus delay. Tell them the effects of them delaying. For instance, if you are working with a voice over guy like I do, the working terms you have with them may not accommodate delays. e.g The V.O guy may give me a 2 days revision window period.

And that is it from me today.

If you need help to create professional screen-cast videos, let me know by requesting a free quote here.

Until next time, bye bye and take care.

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