Scared of Hiring a Freelance Agency? This Why it’s Worth it

When most startups or a new clients fresh at hiring freelancers hear about a ‘Freelance Agency‘, they picture a big company charging a lot of money to accomplish a given freelancing task. They overthink and imagine that they can’t afford to hire one.

If you are one of them, I have good news for you…You can!

Now it depends with the kind of task you are looking to hire a freelancer for.

Having operated a Freelance agency for more than 5 years in the video production niche, here are reasons you should consider hiring an Freelance Agency to work on your next project.

Agencies Create Job Opportunities to Budding New Freelancers

Depending on where you find the agency, consider contacting them to hear how they collaborate with clients. Focus on their capabilities. Most agencies are setup with one vision in mind, to spread tasks among different experienced freelancers. As a result, new ideas and fresh approaches. At the end, you get the best results.

You may pay a little higher for the service, but have this in mind, you are hiring a team, not an individual. So long as they guarantee satisfaction, take that shot and hire them.

You Get Extra Service With an Agency than an Individual Freelancer

Let’s say you are hiring someone to produce several video tutorials on how to use your website. To brief the freelancer on the task, you will do a video call where you share screen with the freelancer or the agency manager talking about what you want covered in the videos. Considering that the tutorials will help you sell your website services to the potential customers, you will want the best in terms of quality and messaging.

When you hire an Agency with a professional script writer, voice over artist and Video editor, you are guaranteed to get the best. Each person working on your project in this case is a specialist. This means that they give a lot attention to details in every aspect.

Agency Will Save You a lot of Stress

Still in the video production niche, in cases you where you could have hired a freelancer to do a voice over, then another one to do script, then another one to produce the video, an Agency will take care of that all on your behalf. In cases when you need a 3D animation production in some parts of the video i.e intro logo, the video production Agency will take care of it too. They know exactly which Freelancer does the best job.

So besides, doing the real project for you, an Agency will get the best talent on your behalf who will give you the best value.

You Save Time and Money as You Pay Only One Entity For a big Project

This is a good thing SME’s or companies with several employees. You can easily lose track of your business if all of your time is spent communicating with several freelancers working on a common project. Instead of doing the whole job as company, hire an Agency capable of handling the whole project. When you do so, you will only be contacting one person who manages the project.

And that is it from me here. Do you think Companies should hire Agencies to help them work on their projects? Let me know on the comments below.

Looking for an Agency to help manage your next video production project? We are right here to help you out. Talk to us today.

Until next time, bye bye and take care.

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