Is There Anything More Than Bidding For Jobs on Freelancing Work Platforms?

Sending out new bids everyday via the freelancing site of your choice is boring and sometimes costly when you either pick the wrong job posts or use generic cover letter. It becomes even worse when you have done everything right but still don’t get any response.

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How to Sift Through Many Applications When Hiring a Freelancer

When you put out clear requirements for the job you are offering , you will get several applications. So, what makes many freelancers to apply to your job post? 

With more and more experts joining the freelancing business,  the competition is becoming more fierce. Before I delve into today’s topic, here are additional things that makes many freelancers to bid on your offer. 

Budget – It’s obvious, freelancers wants to be paid well for the service they are rendering. If the requirements are clear and your budget is good, many freelancers will apply to your job post. 
Timelines – If you need the project done quickly and you indicate when you want the project delivered in your job description, any available freelancer will bid. Freelancers see this as an opportunity to make a quick buck. 
Non Disclosure Agreement – Serious freelancers love to sign an NDA. This is a binding contract and it means that, if anything happens, you are in discretion to decide not to pay the freelancer. In this case, you attract serious freelancers. At the end you will have hard time selecting the one to work with.

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