Top 5 Free and Paid Video Resources That Made Me Money in 2018

Many video producers will keep secret of their video resources because that is where they make their dollars. Ok, who wouldn’t? That’s how to remain relevant in the market.

Now, note that without regular research and updates- these resources will become obsolete someday. Market and trends change. This means that video producers who relied on these resources will loose their market value.

But here is the good news, some sources are always reliable enough in terms of market adaptability. In this blog post, I will share with you top 5 resources that made me money in 2018. Hope you can also utilize the same resources to make the most in the year 2019.

1. Free ‘No Watermark’ Video Resources

Earlier in the year, I wrote a detailed blog-post on this which attracted a lot of responses from readers on Four websites to Download Free no watermark videos. Kindly click on the link to learn more. These 4 websites are my best.

2. Free and Paid Motion Graphics Templates

I purchase a lot of 2D animations and motion graphics templates on Videohive.  I have known videohive for more than 5 years. When you register, they will send you 2 free video templates each month with license to use them without any obligation. This is awesome. New templates are uploaded each month.

3. Audio Jungle

Audio Jungle is part of videohive. Here you will find high quality royalty free music tracks to use in any of your videos. The site also has sound effects that you can incorporate in your videos. I bet you will love
sound tracks from audio jungle.

4. 2D Animations

I use Animaker and goanimate (now vyond). Both software’s are hosted remotely. You can create nice 2D animated videos with these two software’s but have different pricing. I still prefer Animaker because of it’s unique animated characters and lower pricing. But then again, it depends, I always pick one of them based on my clients budget.

5. Free online video templates

I found biteable later this year. I know it has been there. Those who were lucky enough to find this awesome site earlier have profited from this resource. Though I haven’t used any of the video templates from this site, I have previewed existing templates and already like it.

And that is it from me today.

If you need help to create a professional videos, let me know here by requesting a free quote.

Till next time, bye bye and take care.

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