How to Add And Verify WordPress XML Sitemap With Bing and Google Webmaster Tools

How to Add and Verify XML Sitemap With Bing Webmaster And Google Search Console

In this video tutorial, I will show how to add and verify WordPress XML sitemap with Bing and Google webmaster tools. Adding XML sitemap to webmaster tools will help you improve your search rankings on Google and Bing search.

Step 1 – Find And Copy the XML Sitemap Link

We will be using Yoast SEO to do this. To find your website sitemap XML link, on your WordPress dashboard, hover your mouse SEO and select General.

Hover your mouse to SEO and select general

Click on features then click on the question mark under XML sitemaps. Click on see ‘XML sitemap’ link. Copy the link from your browser.

Select features and click on the question mark beside XML sitemap

Step 2- Add To Google Search Console

When you login to google webmaster tools, your verified websites will display on the console. Click on the one you want to add and verify XML sitemap.

Select the domain that you want to add Sitemap to on google console

Hover your mouse to sitemaps on the left side menu and click on it. It will open a page to the right. On the box that says ‘add a new sitemap’ paste the link you have and click submit. It will take few minutes to process.

Click on sitemaps. Paste the link on box under 'new sitemap.'

Step 3- Add XML Sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools

Open your Bing webmaster tools account where you have your website or blog. Select the website you want to add sitemap.

Click on sitemap. Click submit a sitemap. Enter the sitemap URL and click on submit.

Once done processing the status will display as success. And that is it. You have successfully added XML sitemap to google search console and Bing webmaster tools.

If you found the video or this step by step tutorial helpful, leave a comment below and let me know.

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