How to Create a Video from Scratch Using FREE ‘Google’ Images and videos and get Paid For it

Now, let’s say you meet a client online and he/she has the video script but is clueless on how to visualize script into a self explanatory video. Additionally, the client is not willing to appear on video or is working on a small budget thus can’t pay for a shoot. How will you advise him or her after you have looked at the script? Will you dismiss the client and say you have no idea how to go about it?

Of-course, as a  creative video editor or producer, you will not. But you will be surprised by the number of freelancers who dismiss jobs like these for the fear of creating something that the client will reject. 

If you are one of them, this article will be very helpful to you. 

Now, get this; by the time your prospect arrives into the decision of reaching up to you for help on his/her video project, it means that they value your skills and professionalism.

Even if you have no clue on how to go about it (based on the script provided);  your must act professional.

Here are my four steps to working on a project like this with confidence.

Ask Your Client to Give you Time to Look into the Script

When you receive an e-mail from a prospect- you get excited – and start imagining payment hitting your account before you even start the job:-). Some freelancers even accept a job without thoroughly analyzing their clients requirements. This is a big problem, and a seasoned client will quickly notice this.

When  you find yourself in a such situation, be professional, even if you know how to go about the project- don’t rush. This first impression will make you client handle you with respect you deserve.

Do Your Research and Propose Different Video Presentation Styles

YouTube is a good video resource with both short and long videos. This is the best reference point for your research. Pick out video styles that you know you will be in a position to produce. Then when getting back to the client, tell him/her that you are able to produce the video. Share the possible presentation styles you found out from your research on youtube.

Most Videos are Produced Using Animated Clip Arts/Images 

Depending the script and presentation style the client picks, utilize ‘google search‘ to source free ‘clip arts’ for use in producing the video. At the end of the day, you want a fun to watch video that communicates. Most of these clip arts and images are free. You can modify them on photoshop to suite your clients color and theme. You can also use free no watermark videos.  Read the post on Four Best Websites to Download Free No Watermark HD Videos to Incorporate to Your Video Project and see where to download free videos.

Close the Deal and Start Working on the Video

The step above is enough to convince your client that you are able to produce the video. Serious client will ask you the cost of production right away.  This is most exciting part but don’t be excited yet until your client commits-in this case a contract agreement. Charge him/her fairly and do a fantastic job you are proud of.

So, next time a client contacts you with only a script; pause and do your research first before accepting to work on the project. You will be a surprised on how easy it is to produce the video.

Till next time, bye, bye and take care. 

If you need help with either scripting or producing a video from scratch using the script you have, let me know from the contacts us page here. Alternatively you can send me an e-mail to

Otherwise, let me know what you think in the comments below. 

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