This will be one of the shortest blog post I have ever published. If you are reading this now, I am sure you are looking for the quickest way to eliminate audio noise in the video that you recorded.

I recently found out a way to easily reduce or completely kill background noise in Adobe Premiere CC. 

This quick trick best applies to audios which were recorded using a lapel/boom mic. 


Open the video project containing the  audio you want to edit. 

Open the video project


Hover your mouse on the audio channel on your timeline. Expand to see the audio.  You will see R and L channels as shown in the screenshot below. 


Right click on the audio and select audio channels. 

select audio channels


On the new window, choose a channel and click play to listen. You will find that one channel is clear than the other. 


Once you find a clear channel, check on the correct boxes then click ok to confirm your changes.

Choose the clear channel from the (source) and then click ok to save

You will notice the changes in your audio waves in the timeline. Also, you will notice that the audio channel which had most noises is eliminated. 

That’s it! 

Till next time bye bye and take care! 

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