Invest on a 27inch Screen or Higher for Editing Videos Today

Now, if you are video editor and your NEW clients have never requested for an Ultra high definition (UHD) 4K video, then you probably have no idea why you should invest in a 27 Inch monitor/computer or higher.

But, that’s not all, it has to be a COi3 or higher system with a minimum of 6GB RAM to fully enjoy it the services it gives. For those new to this subject, Please go first and read video-resolution-definitions-on-demand-in-2018 to understand more.

Freelancers who currently own a 21 Inch or 24 Inch screen that they use for video editing and they think it can render 4K video, they will be shocked when a client hires them to edit and produce video only to find that they  ‘can’t create a project’ leave alone rendering/exporting.

You see, when you try to enter a custom resolution dimensions on any editing program, the program crashes or cannot play a video project created in 4k output monitor.  Here is a summary of the reasons you should invest in a 27 Inch screens.

Editing 4K Videos with it is Smooth and Seamless 

Now, this varies with the R.A.M. If  the computer RAM is higher than 8GB, your video will never lag when editing compared to lower RAM. I mean, you will play videos from the editing suite smoothly without grinning and swearing several times that your computer is hanging:-). That is why iMac Coi5 27Inch comes with RAM of 8GB and higher.

Previewing 4K Videos With it is Breath-taking 

If you have your video rendered in 4K and you try to play in a screen with a resolution lower than 3840 x 2160, you will think that the video has scratches. This is because the monitor is unable to handle the resolution in full screen. This is opposite if you are doing this on a 27inch screen.

Rendering 4K Videos With it is Seamless and Takes Shorter Time 

I have tried once to render a video in 4k with a 24inch screen in Camtasia and the computer crashed. I was lucky to open to the project at start. I noted also that you can’t create a project on Camtasia with 4k resolution dimensions if your monitor is less than 27 Inch.

Its Best for Capturing Screens in 4k 

If you have a screen less than 27inch, then it’s impossible to capture full 4K resolution screencasts. You may do full screen with a 24 Inch but when you import it to a 4K resolution timeline, you will have to stretch it for it to fit into  the screen. This will affect the final video resolution as it looses quality from stretching. There are many other several advantages of investing in a 27 inch screen. I have been using a 27Inch screen monitor and the results that I get from it is enormous. When doing animations in FHD on After effects, the video plays seamlessly, something that I was not getting from a 24Inch coi5 monitor.

As, I close, if your step up and use this Kick ass monitor- editing FHD videos will be a child play to you:-)

That’s it from me today. Till next time, bye bye and take care. And if you need help with anything on video, get in touch with me here 🙂

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