Writing an Explainer Video Script that Stands Out

If you are an animator or video creator, then you know the power of working on a video with a creatively written script. It’s exciting, it’s thrilling; I mean there no words to describe it. Visualization of characters when working on the storyboard is mind blowing.

Now, not everyone can differentiate between a creatively written script and one that is not. With the advent of sales letter templates that you can buy online for as low as $5 on fiverr.com, anyone can be a writer in a fortnight. But what’s the difference between an originally crafted script and a script written out from a template? Well, here is how you can tell.

Writers Understanding of the Product and it’s Connection with the Customer 

A creative writer who knows how to play around with human psychology will first take time to understand the product the client is trying to sell to his customers. Marketing is all about playing around with human  emotions. Before he/she starts scripting, he/she will use most of his time to research and identify  one thing that the product solves and devise the script to magnify the problem in many dimensions that the prospect could not think of. This part of the script is the ‘anchor.’ The first 150 words of the script should knock the readers socks off and make them want to know more about the solution being offered to them. This is where you can introduce the product.

Ability to Connect the Problem with the Product 

Since I work most of the time on explainer videos for apps and softwares, the second section of the script should go straight to address how the product in questions will solve the problem. Mention the common keywords that the user is aware of. As you do this, visualize that the same features is being shown on the video. Simplify the the process and focus on the pain points. In other words, the solution should sound like it’s possible to achieve it with a ‘single click.’

Proper Approach on Call to Action 

Don’t take a lot of time showing the product. 60 seconds or less is enough. Tell them how they can make use of the product by taking action you ask them to. If the product being sold is on offer for the first month, say so. It’s also important to consider a person watching the video from youtube when writing your call to action.

These three things are most crucial. If the writer fails to connect this, then, the entire script might be totally confusing when deciphered into video. If you have anything else to add to my list, let me know on the comments below. Till next  time, bye bye and take care.

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