3 Useful Productivity Tools You Should Try That Comes Installed On Android Phone

Many freelancers and online entrepreneurs struggle to settle on a specific mobile application for their productivity. They find themselves rushing for the latest mobile app in the market and ditching what they are familiar with.

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Problem is, this behavior is addictive and not helpful in anyway. In todays blogpost, I will be showing you 3 useful productivity free tools that comes installed on your android phone that you can utilize as freelancer.

These tools are specifically useful to freelancers and anyone working online. Am certain that the same tools are available on apple phones as well.

Everyday, an app with similar features to what you already have installed on your phone comes into the market. To remain productive in your freelancing and business career, you need to always ask yourself why you are installing a new app.

Do you really need them?

Can what you already have serve the purpose?

It makes no sense to install an app similar to what you already have on your phone.

Here are 3 free tools with features that you need to be productive as an online entrepreneur.


What? You never expected this, right! But hang on first.

Calculator is classified as a tool on android phones. In android 10 color OS, the calculator tool has new features. The first feature which is useful to freelancers working with global clients is the Exchange Rate feature. It has all currencies and its up to date. You just need to have your internet connection on to pull the latest exchange rate.

This feature comes in handy when quoting for a service. You can quickly check the exchange rate of your client currency verses yours. e.g United States Dollars to Kenya Shillings.

On top of the exchange rate feature, you may also need to use the unit converter. For instance, in my country, human weight is measured in Kilograms. In other countries like US, the same is measured in pounds. This feature is helpful for people in the fitness business. There are other units like length, Area, Volume, temperature, speed, power and pressure.


This is the second tool that is quite useful to freelancers. Freelancers and clients online work and live in different Time zones. For instance, I have clients in UK and Australia. Its therefore good to know the best time to communicate with your clients. When you open clock, you can see your time and location.

Here you can add new time for other locations that you are interested in. To do this, click on the +button, Type in the location name on search bar and select the Time zone. The new time zone will be added to your list. This is always useful as it helps you make the right decisions. Sometimes, it not worth taking jobs from clients in some time zones.

Screen Recording

Finally, we have the screen recorder. This is very useful to me and anyone who offers their services as a video producer. I help clients produce professional screencast videos. Occasionally, I take orders to produce demo videos for mobile apps.

Screen recording tool comes in handy. I can record unlimited screen videos in HD without downloading any app from Play store. Its important to note that you can record your voice alongside the screens when working a demo video for an app.

This tool is also useful to freelancers who do Mobile app reviews. They can quickly record screens and share. To access this app, just pull down the top menu on your phone, then choose screen recorder.

The tool will open up with floating controls on your screen. Click on it to start and stop recording. Use the cog setting feature to enable and disable sound recording. Also, you can see more features by tapping on more.

Click the x button to close.


Before I go, Its is important to note that there are other useful tools like Compass (for Chinese Feng Shui in your house) and Digital well being that records data of everything you do on your phone. If you find yourself not very productive, I suggest that you regularly check on the digital well being app to see which apps are robbing you most of your productive time.

The aim here is to be minimal and productive. This way, you can achieve more.

And that’s it from me here.

If you need help to produce professional screencast videos, you can always request a quote for free here.

For any other concern or feedback, send me an e-mail to connect@cheptiony.com

Until next time, bye bye and take care. Follow me on twitter @cheptiony.

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