5 Sure Signs That You Need to Start Hiring Freelancers For Help

We all know the obvious reasons most people would hire a freelancer – when he/she has a lot of work at hand. Most entrepreneurs will wait until demand for their services skyrocket then they start to hire.

While this; realistically is the best approach to hiring a freelancer as you only hire on demand, the same approach is so predictable and in a long run, it tends to crash when dry spell hits.

Any Freelancer or an Agency with a tendency of hiring freelancers using this strategy, should think beyond just hiring Freelancers with the skill they need.

Let me break this down so that you understand what I am talking about here.

Let’s say you own a highly rated Agency or you are a highly rated Freelancer. You get an e-mail from a client who is very interested in your services. The client hires you for a mega project which will require that you hire other guys to help you out.

This is the right time to hire freelancers. While your main focus will be to hire guys with specific skill set, your thoughts should go beyond that. Here are two other professionals you should include in your list when hiring.

  • Marketing Expert – While the client you are currently working with might have organically found you on the internet and hired you, it’s good to use the opportunity he/she has offered you to find other clients. And you can do this with the help of an expert. This way, you can focus on supervising activities of your company.
  • Virtual assistant – If you already have someone working for you as a virtual assistant-you are good. If you don’t have one, consider hiring. A virtual assistant will relieve you from the burden of prospecting and allow you focus on growing your business.

Now that we have tackled the first sign, let’s proceed to others signs.

SIGN #2: When You are Receiving Invites to Work on Projects that are Related to Your Area of Specialty

Being a specialist in something makes you stand out. I can say this over and over again so that it sinks in. I have benefited a lot from mastery. But I often receive requests from clients asking if I can help them work on graphics designs for print. When I tell them I can’t help, they ask if I can recommend someone. Asking me if I know someone is a sure sign that they trust me enough. In most occasions, they have offered to assign me their projects having the knowledge that it will be done by someone else.

SIGN #3: When You Find Yourself Attempting to Learn On the Job for the Sake of Money

There is nothing wrong watching a you-tube video tutorial on how to do something and doing it yourself. While you might be quick at learning, it is always good to ask yourself if it’s really worth learning it anyway. For instance, while I can learn quick-books and do my accounts myself, I honestly don’t like it. I would rather hire someone who enjoys doing the job to help me out. So, why not negotiate for a price with someone who is good at it and hire him/her?

SIGN #4: When Your Profit Margins is Good

We all need more time for ourselves. This can only be created by working less. Now, most video editing projects requires a lot of attention to details. This means spending most of your time on them. What if you could hire someone to do the same job for half the price? Wouldn’t that be great? Always look for ways to accomplish more and by working less.

SIGN #5: When You are Travelling and Your Current Client Wants You to Work

Some projects are worth your time and you will do everything to keep them. Therefore you must always find a way to compensate your time when you are out of office. So, how how can you keep your projects running despite you being out of office? Simple. Hiring someone who can do the job exactly as you always do to help you out. Here, your job will only be to review and ensure the quality meets the required standards.

You can only grow and expand your freelancing business if you creatively think of ways to bring on-board expert freelancers to participate your project.

And that is it.

If you need help to create and produce professional screen-cast video tutorials for your app, website or software, let me know here.

Until next time, bye bye and take care.

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