3 Marketing Tools And Services You Need In Your Online Business Today

3 Marketing Tools You Need For Your Online Business

Talent and professionalism are two main prerequisites that motivates individuals to start businesses online today. But that’s just the starter. With 1.13 Billion websites online in the world today, a lot more is needed to market your business.

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Why Content Creation Process For Your Brand Needs To Be Continuous Activity

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Before you venture into content creation for your brand, it is important to keep in mind that there is no stopping once you start. If you are working on a budget, decide on the content you will want to focus on based on the cost.

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Digital Lenders Under Scrutiny By Central Bank of Kenya and Office of The Data Protection Commission Over Malpractices

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A lot has been going on lately around digital lending apps or loan apps as many call it in Kenya. In a move to regulate this sector, Central Bank of Kenya(CBK) have listed requirements they need digital lenders to provide in order to be licensed.

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